Here are a few of the target species we can go for on our fishing charters: if you have a species you are more interested in catching, let us know when you are booking, so that we can select the best bait, organise the right tackle and book the best spots for the fish you have in mind! These beauties are among the most popular target species in the Bay of Islands: but there are many more that are just as tasty. Luckily, our experienced skipper knows them all…


Are you looking for the ultimate fight? Well, you’ve found it with the kingfish! This is an aggressive, fast and strong game species, providing fantastic sport to those who go after them. This is the largest jack species in the country, growing to 50kg plus, and nearly 2 metres in length. You’ll know when you’ve hooked a ‘kingi’, you will hear the reel scream as these clever fish instinctively run when caught, using their guile to wrap your line around anything in sight in an attempt to cut through it. If you’re up for a fight, then go for a kingfish: a true test of your fishing spirit! Are you smarter than a kingfish?

Pricing from $320 per person


New Zealand’s most popular catch. Great to catch, better to eat! The NZ snapper is a beautiful fish, and eat almost any animal matter, including molluscs (shellfish, squid and octopi), crustaceans (crabs, shrimps, barnacles and crayfish), other invertebrates (worms, starfish, sea urchins) and fish. They frequent most bottom types and operate throughout the water column, though most of their time is spent near the sea floor. The average size of snapper is around 1-2kg, but may be bigger or smaller in certain areas or in some years. Really big specimens reach 15kg and can put up an impressive fight. Sound good?

Pricing from $180 per person


The Bay of Islands is a world-renowned marlin hunting ground – with three species in our waters to try for. The blue marlin, striped marlin, and black marlin all make their home in our bay, however we most commonly see the striped marlins. These are truly spectacular game fish, and the Bay of Islands still holds the world record for the biggest striped marlin ever caught: so if you’re targeting this species, you may even want to try for a new world record! Are you up to the challenge?

Pricing from $2400 for the boat